Within its advisory actions, the Programme implements following activities: 


  • Encourages stakeholders from the private and public sectors to establish dialogue in order to come up with solutions for improvement of conditions for development of the private sector;
  • Assists fostering partnerships to boost innovation, e.g. fostering partnerships between academia and stakeholders from the public and private sectors;
  • Assists institutions which support company business operations to offer for example those services that are required by the companies such as consulting, help with establishing new business contacts;
  • Assists companies to improve their business practices, e.g. how they organize their production process, meet quality criteria or present their supply to the customers;
  • Assists companies to improve skills of their staff via training programs about new trends or specific technical skills;
  • Creates opportunities for companies to integrate in the local and international value chains by organisation of B2B meetings or supporting companies to achieve the required standards;
  • Facilitates access to grants for the projects that will positively impact competitiveness of the private sector.